Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Angels Take Their Name to Court

Charles Richter roots for the Angels. Not the Anaheim Angels, not the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim, not the California Angels. Just the Angels.

For Richter, that's the easiest way to keep ahead of a game that took a strange twist last year. That's when owner Arte Moreno renamed the 2002

World Series champions the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim — and the city slapped the team with a lawsuit, claiming tens of millions in lost publicity.

"It's the players, the team, it's the Angels we root for. Not what's behind the word 'Angels' or in front of it," said Richter, 35, who runs the popular fan site

But many fans do care, and say the war of words obscures what the debate is really about: A general failure to recognize that Orange County, population 3 million, is a strong community with its own identity that doesn't need LA's cachet.

Opening statements will begin Friday. Jury selection began Tuesday and was scheduled to continue on Wednesday.

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I don't think it's fair that the Angels were forced to put Los Angeles at the beginning of their name. I hope they win this suit and return to the Anaheim Angels...


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