Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Who will win the 2006 World Series?

The regular season hasn't even begun, but anaylists and fans around the nation are taking a guess at who will win the 2006 World Series. They crunch the numbers, factor in all the statistics, and review the teams' rosters.

Sportsbook.com's pick: New York Yankees

Sportsbook.com has listed odds for the 2006 World Series after the 2005 championship was decided with the Chicago White Sox's 4-0 series sweep of the Houston Astros. Despite the successful run of both teams, including Chicago's 11-1 post season record, neither team is among the top three favorites to win next year's World Series.

The early bet is New York at 6-1. Despite the fact they have not won the World Series since 2000, the Yankees come into every year as the favorites based on the talent of their roster and the money they are willing to spend to make their team competitive. St. Louis is listed at 7-1 followed by the Boston Red Sox at 8-1. Both the White Sox and Astros come in at 12-1.

"The Yankees have gone through a bit of a dry spell, in spite of their talent. But you look at the roster and they have to be considered the best team on paper," said Peter Childs, Odds Maker, Sportsbook.com.

FoxSports.com's pick: New York Yankees

PREDICTION:The aging Yankees core not only mustered yet another division title, but they also laid claim to their first World Series trophy of the millennium. An MVP-caliber season from Alex Rodriguez and solid offerings from Gary Sheffield, Jason Giambi, Hideki Matsui, Derek Jeter and Jorge Posada helped New York lead the majors in runs scored, and an improved team defense and deep rotation kept runs off the board at a reasonable clip.

NBC Sports pick: Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim

Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim: Just about everything is in place for a championship: Arguably the best owner in the game, huge attendance and revenues that make a $100-million-plus payroll possible, one of the best managers and coaching staffs, an excellent pitching staff and a couple of superstars. Offense is the biggest need, but they will make a run at the top free agents, have a ton of minor-league talent to deal if necessary, and very likely could get some help from within if Dallas McPherson and Casey Kotchmann emerge. No team has won two championships in this new millennium, but look for the Angels to be the first to do so.

These are just a couple of the picks out there. The American League title will be very close, in my opinion. Boston and New York will once again be in a fight for the number 1 spot. I think the Yankees have the deeper pitching staff and will most likely go to the World Series. The Cardinals and Mets will be fighting for the National League title. Both of these teams will be great this coming season. The Mets are totally revamped, with some great new pitching ( Billy Wagner) and a new firstbaseman ( Carlos Delgado). Maybe we'll see another Subway Series? I hope so...but anything could happen between now and October.

Any thoughts?


  • I like the Yankees...I am surprised none of the people took the the Chi Sox.

    By Blogger Matt A., at 1:00 PM  

  • Yeah... well the ChiSox we're kind of "lucky" last year... I don't think they can make it all the way again.

    By Blogger MVB, at 10:59 AM  

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