Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Jeter Set to Play in World Baseball Classic

New York Yankees shortstop Derek Jeter remains set to play in next month's World Baseball Classic.

The Yankees' captain has been taking part in pre-spring training workouts at the New York's minor league complex. He took batting practice and grounders with teammate Miguel Cairo on Wednesday.

"It's an opportunity to try and expand the game globally," Jeter said. "I think there's going to be a lot of interest, especially in some of the countries that haven't come over to play before. I think it's great for the game."

Yankees second baseman Robinson Cano won't play in the Classic. Cano, who was on the Dominican Republic's provisional roster, wants to focus on preparing for the major league season.

"I want to win a World Series, so I'm going down to spring training and get ready for the season," Cano told reporters Tuesday night at a ceremony in Manhattan where he received the Thurman Munson Award for charity work.

Another factor in Cano's decision was the fact that the Dominican team also has Alfonso Soriano and Luis Castillo to play second base.

"I'm going to be on the bench," Cano said. "I'm not going to play. They're going to use me once in a while. I want to get a world championship, and if I go there, I'm going to be sitting for games. I want to get ready for the season."

Houston Astros' pitcher Andy Pettitte, also honored at the dinner, was also leaning toward not playing.

"When I get down to spring training, I'll see how I feel," Pettitte said. "But since I'm starting late this year, it probably wouldn't be real smart for me to do that. Obviously, I'm obligated to the Astros."

The World Baseball Classic will be over by the time the regular season begins. So I don't see how Jeter's playing in the Classic will harm the Yankees in any way. I can understand Cano and A-Rod's want to stay out of the Classic...but I look forward to seeing at least one Yankee play.


  • Yeah, it will be good seeing Jeter, might even warm him up for the season. As a result, he may be awesome in 06.

    By Blogger Matt A., at 8:17 PM  

  • I'm sure he will be! He's always awesome! :)

    By Blogger MVB, at 10:25 AM  

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