Sunday, March 05, 2006

Mussina Steps Up, Yanks Win Their First Spring Training Game

Yankees- 3, Blue Jays- 2

W- Hughes
L- Burnside
S- DeSalvo

Yankees' Batters:

LF- Matsui, 3-3 ( 2B, 2 1B)
1B- Phillips ( RBI 2B)
C- Jorge Posada ( RBI 1B)
SS- Felix Escalona ( RBI 1B)

NY Pitching:

Mussina- R, 4H, 2K, 2+2/3rdsIP
Hughes- R, H, 1+1/3rdIP
DeSalvo- IP

I didn't get to see this game, so this is just the info I could get a hold of. Mussina did well, and looked healthy. Tomorrow, Chien Ming Wang pitches against Toronto.

United States- 11, Giants- 7

Yankee Participants:

CF- Damon, 0-1 ( R, BB)
SS- Jeter, 0-3 ( RBI, R)
3B- Rodriguez, 2-3 ( 2 1B, R)

P- Al Leiter: 5H, 4R, K, IP


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