Friday, March 03, 2006

Phillies Beat the Yanks in the Ninth

Phillies- 11, Yankees- 10

W- Tom Gordon
L- Brooks

Yankees Starting Lineup:

LF- Kevin Thompson, 2-3 ( 2 1B, BB)
2B- Robinson Cano, 1-3 ( 2B, BB, RBI)
DH- Andy Phillips, 0-4
1B- Jason Giambi, 1-2 (1B)
C- Kelly Stinnet, 0-2 ( BB)
CF- Melky Cabrera, 3-4 (3 1B, 2RBI)
3B- Miguel Cairo, 1-4 ( 2B, RBI)
RF- Bubba Crosby, 0-3
SS- Felix Escalona, 1-2 ( 2B, HBP)

Yankee Pitchers:

Jarett Wright- 4H, R, BB, 2IPDe Paula- 3H, 3R, IP
Ron Villone- 2H, BB, 3R, 2/3IP
Scott Erickon- 3K, 2H, BB, R, 2IP

Mendoza pitched later.

Notes: Yankees looked good... Even without most of their players, the Yanks scored 10 runs. The defense was solid ( Cano made the only Yankee Spring Training error) , and the pitching was ok.


  • yeah, the Yanks will be good allright with hitting...I'm concerned a tad about pitching though... ;)

    By Blogger Matt A., at 9:17 PM  

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