Saturday, March 11, 2006

Posada Leads Yankees to Sixth Spring Training Victory

Game date- 3/11/06

Yankees- 7, Braves- 3

W- Wang
L- Ramirez

Yankees Starting Lineup:

SS- Cairo, 1-3 ( 1B, R, SB)
2B- Cano, 2-4 ( 1B, 2B, R)
RF- Sheffield, 0-1 ( BB, RBI)
DH- Matsui, 0-2 ( 2BB, R)
C- Posada, 2-4 ( 1B, R, 3RBI, 3-run HR)
1B- Phillips, 1-3 ( BB, 1B, R)
LF- Jones, 2-4 ( 1B, 2B, R)
CF- Cabrera, 0-3 ( BB)
3B- Vechionacci, 2-4 ( 2 1B, RBI)

Other Yankees Batters:

SS- Pena, 0-1
PR-2B- Escalona, 0-1 (R)
RF- Crosby, 1-1 ( RBI 2B)

Yankee Pitching:

Wang- H, 4K, 3IP
Small- 4H, 2R, BB, 2K
Smith- H, R, K, .1IP
M. Rivera- K, IP
Farnsworth- H, IP
Villone- IP


Wang was absolutely brilliant through his three innings, striking out four and giving up only one hit.

Villone, Farnsworth, and Rivera were also excellent...

Posada continues his hot hitting with a single and a three-run home run... He is batting .533 this spring.


  • I thought I'd check out your baseball blog.

    I'm not a big baseball fan, so I don't really understand the numbers.

    Looks good though.

    By Blogger Wholesome Works, at 4:51 PM  

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