Saturday, March 25, 2006

Yankees Overpower Devil Rays

Game date- 3/25/06

Yankees- 10, Devil Rays- 1

W- Childers (1-0)
L- Jackson (1-1)

Yankee Starting Lineup:

CF- Damon, 1-2 ( 1B, 2BB, 2R)
SS- Jeter, 1-3 ( 3B, 2RBI, R)
1B- Giambi, 1-3 (2B, RBI, BB)
3B- Rodriguez, 1-4 ( R, RBI, soloHR)
DH- Sheffield, 1-3 ( 2B, 2RBI)
LF- Matsui, 1-3 ( 1B, BB)
RF- Williams, 1-3 (1B)
2B- Cano, 1-3 (1B, R)
C- Nieves, 1-2 ( 1B, BB, R)

Other Yankee Batters:

CF- Crosby, 0-1
SS- Escalona, 0-1
2B- Cannizaro, 0-1 (R)
3B- Johnson, 0-0 (BB, R)
DH- Garcia, 1-2 (1B, R, RBI)
LF- Thompson, 1-1 ( 2B, RBI)
RF- Reese, 1-2 (2B, R, RBI)
2B- Cairo, 1-2 ( 1B, RBI)
C- Santos, 0-2

Yankee Pitching:

Childers- 4H, BB, 2K, 3IP
Bean- H, R, 2BB, 2K, IP
Smith- 2IP
Mendoza- H, BB, K, IP
Corey- 3H, IP
Brooks- H, IP


All of the Yankee regulars, aside from Posada, played during today's game. Every member of the Yankee starting lineup had a hit.

Yankee Spring Training Record: 12 wins, 13 losses


  • I can't stand the Devil Rays b/c they have always had bad mgt. Their stadium sucks as well, it's like going to a minor league field. You have until mid season to convince me to like the Yanks:o)

    By Blogger Mercy Now, at 9:39 AM  

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