Sunday, April 30, 2006

Top Yankee Stats for April

-Jason Giambi has 27 RBIs, which leads the American League (Derek Jeter is also in the top ten with 20 RBIs).

-Jason Giambi also leads the league with a .554 on-base percentage; Derek Jeter is second with a .505 OBP.

-Jason Giambi leads the American League with an .852 slugging percentage.

- Jason Giambi leads the league with 26 walks ( Jeter is fourth with 20 walks).

-Jason Giambi has 9 home runs, the fifth most in the American League ( two home runs behind the league-leader).

-Johnny Damon leads the league with 7 stolen bases (tied with three other players).

-Johnny Damon and Alex Rodriguez are third in the league with 22 runs scored each ( Derek Jeter is also among the league-leaders with 19 runs scored.)

-Derek Jeter batted .398 over the month of April, the second best batting average in the majors. ( Giambi and Sheffield were also in the top 15 with batting averages of .345 and .341 respectively.)

-Derek Jeter and Johnny Damon both have 9 doubles this month, tied for third most in the league.

-Randy Johnson and Mike Mussina top the league with four wins each ( tie with 5 other pitchers).

-Mike Mussina has the third lowest ERA in the American League ( 2.31 ERA).

-Mike Mussina is second in the league with 37 strikeouts.

-Mariano Rivera is fourth in the league with 4 saves over the month of April.

-Yankee's Record: 13 wins- 10 losses, 1st place in the American League East

Last year's record: 10 wins, 14 losses, 4th place in the American League East ( 7 games behind)


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