Thursday, April 27, 2006

Yankees Fall to the D'Rays after Ten Innings

Game date- 4/26/06

(10 innings) Devil Rays- 4, Yankees- 2

W- Orvella (1-1)
L- Rivera (0-2)
S- Camp (2)

New York's Chien Ming Wang pitches seven strong innings in a Yankee loss to Tampa Bay.

Yankee Starting Lineup:

DH- Damon, 1-3 ( 1B, 2BB, sac bunt, R, 3 SB)
SS- Jeter, 1-4 (1B, 2BB)
RF- Sheffield, 1-5 ( 2RBI, R, BB, 2-run HR [4] )
3B- Rodriguez, 0-4 (BB, SB)
1B- Giambi, 0-1 (4BB)
LF- Matsui, 0-4 (BB)
C- Posada, 0-4 (BB)
2B- Cano, 2-4 (1B, 1B, BB)
CF- Crosby, 1-2 ( 1B, SB, sac bunt, BB)

Other Yankee Batters:

PH- Williams, 0-1

Yankee Pitchers:

Wang- 3H, 2R, 3BB, 3K, 7IP
Farnsworth- 2K, IP
Rivera- 4H, 2R, 2BB, 2K, 2IP


Chien Ming Wang pitched very well through the first seven innings of the game.

The Yankees gathered 14 walks but failed to score more than 2 runs in the game.


  • Why is it that the Yankees only play so so against the Rays? Is it that the Rays' reputation is so bad that no team ever takes them seriously so they don't show up to play?

    By Blogger Mercy Now, at 9:45 AM  

  • yeah...this is crazy...Rivera kinda shaky too, Chang looks good, I may take him in BBC.

    By Blogger Matt A., at 10:17 AM  

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