Sunday, May 07, 2006

Yankees Sweep the Texas Rangers

Game date- 5/07/06

Yankees- 8, Rangers- 5

W- Wang (2-1)
L- Tejeda (1-1)

Hideki Matsui watches his three-run home run land in the left field stands.

Yankee Starting Lineup:

CF- Damon, 1-5 ( 1B, SB, RBI)
SS- Jeter, 0-5
1B- Giambi, 0-3 ( 2BB, R)
3B- Rodriguez, 2-5 (1B, 1B, 2R)
DH- Matsui, 2-2 ( 1B, 3BB, 2R, 3RBI, 3-run HR [5] )
2B- Cano, 2-5 (1B, 1B, R)
RF- Williams, 2-5 ( 1B, 1B, R, 2RBI)
LF- Crosby, 1-3 ( 1B, HBP, R)
C- Stinnet, 2-4 ( 1B, 2B, 2RBI)

Yankee Pitchers:

Wang- 7H, 3R, 2K, 6IP
Sturze- 2BB, R
Proctor- K, IP
Farnsworth- K, BB, IP
Rivera- 2H, R (unearned), IP


Hideki Matsui had a big day, going 2 for 2 with three walks, a single, and a three-run home run ( his fifth of the year). Kelly Stinnet had two RBIs ( on a bases-loaded single), his first two as a Yankee.

Chien Ming Wang was very effective over his six innings of work, giving up only 3 runs. Tanyon Sturze came on in relief, but loaded the bases (without recording an out). Scott Proctor was called in and did an incredible job shutting down the Rangers ( allowing only one of the three base-runners score).

This victory marked Joe Torre's 1,000th victory as Yankee manager.

The Yankees have an off-day tomorrow, but will host the Red Sox in a three-game set Tuesday through Thursday.


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