Sunday, June 04, 2006

Baltimore's Power Show Stuns Yankees

Game date- 6/04/06

Yankees -4, Orioles- 11

W- Lopez (4-7)
L- Small (0-3)

Yankee captain, Derek Jeter, grimaces with pain after being hit by a pitch on the right hand. Jeter would leave the game in the 6th inning.

Yankee Starting Lineup:

CF- Damon, 2-3 (1B, 2B)
LF- Cabrera, 1-4 (1B, BB, R)
SS- Jeter, 0-2 (HBP)
DH- Rodriguez, 0-3 (BB)
C- Posada, 1-4 (1B)
2B- Cano, 1-3 (1B, HBP, R)
1B- Phillips, 2-4 (1B, 1B, R)
RF- Long, 0-3
3B- Cairo, 1-4 (1B, R, RBI, BB)

Other Yankee Batters:

C- Stinnet, 1-2 (1B)
RF- Thompson, 1-1 ( BB, 1B, 3RBI)
CF- Williams, 0-1

Yankee Pitchers:

Small- 9H, 7R, BB, 2.2IP
Smith- BB, K, 1.1IP
Erickson- 5H, 4R, K, 3IP
Villone- BB, IP


Aaron Small was terrible, giving up seven runs ( three homers) in just 2 and 2 thirds innings pitched! Erickson gave up 4 more runs.

Damon and Phillips continue their hot-hitting streak, each with two hits. Kevin Thompson ( who took over for Long in right field) hit a bases-clearing double in the seventh inning; the RBIs were the first of his career. Derek Jeter was hit with a pitch on his right wrist and left the game. X-rays were negative, but Jeter is labelled as "day-to-day". A-Rod has finally overcome his stomach virus, and Giambi is expected back Monday or Tuesday.


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