Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Make it Ten Years in a Row!

Game date- 7/11/06

American League- 3, National League- 2


W- Ryan (1-0)
L- Hoffman (0-1)
S- Rivera (1)

American League Batters:

RF- Suzuki, 0-3
RF- Dye, 0-1
SS- Jeter, 0-3
SS- Tejada, 0-1
1B- Ortiz, 0-2
1B- Konerko, 2-2 (1B, 1B)
PR- Lopez (R)
3B- Rodriguez, 0-2
1B- Glaus, 1-2 (2B, R)
LF- Guerrero, 1-2 ( solo HR, R, RBI)
2B- Young, 1-2 ( GW-3B, 2 RBI)
C- Rodriguez, 0-2
C- Mauer, 0-2
CF- Wells, 1-2 (1B)
LF- Matthews, JR- 1-1 (1B)
2B-Loretta, 0-2
PH- Thome, 0-1
PH- Ordonez, 0-1
RF- Sizemore, 0-2

American League Pitchers:

Rogers- 3H, R, ER, K, 2IP
Halladay- 3H, R, ER, K, 2IP
Zito- IP
Kazmir- IP
Santana- BB, K, IP
Ryan- K, IP
Rivera- IP


For the tenth year in a row, the American League found a way to beat the NL, and secure home field advantage in the World Series. This time it was Michael Young's final at-bat: 2-1 ( National League led). There were two outs, and Young faced an 0-2 pitch from Hall of Fame closer, Trevor Hoffman. Young got an 84 mph outside fastball, which he smacked to the right-center field wall for a two-run triple. Because of his heroics, Young won the MVP award ( second Texas Ranger to do so in the past three years). Paul Konerko of the Chicago White Sox was the only AL player with more then one hit. He singled with two outs in the ninth, and was followed by Troy Glaus who hit a ground-rule double, setting up a dramatic comeback. American League pitching was good- Zito, Kazmir, Santana, Ryan, and Rivera all pitched a scoreless inning. The starter, Kenny Rogers gave up one run (a solo homer to David Wright) in his two innings of work. Roy Halliday gave up a run on a wild pitch in the third inning.

Derek Jeter and Alex Rodriguez of the Yankees went a combined 0 for 5. Robincon Cano did not play. Mariano Rivera picked up his 3rd All Star game save, tying Dennis Eckersley for the most all time.


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