Sunday, July 02, 2006

Yanks Shut Down by Marlin Rookie in Game 2 of Double-Header

Game date- 6/25/06

Marlins- 5, Yankees- 0

W- Sanchez (1-0)
L- Chacon (4-2)

Yankee secondbaseman, Robinson Cano, leaves the game after getting injured in the sixth.

Yankee Starting Lineup:

CF- Damon, 1-3 (1B, BB, 2 SB)
SS- Jeter, 2-4 (1B, 1B, SB)
1B- Giambi, 1-4 (1B)
3B- Rodriguez, 0-4
2B- Cano, 1-3 (2B)
RF- Williams, 0-4
LF- Cabrera, 1-4 (1B)
CF- Crosby, 1-4 (1B)
C- Stinnet, 0-3

Other Yankee Batters:

2B- Cairo, 0-0 (BB)
PH- Posada, 0-1

Yankee Pitchers:

Chacon- 5H, 3R (one unearned), BB, 5IP
Villone- H, 2R ( both unearned), 3K, 1.1IP
Beam- H, K, 1.2IP
Smith- 2K, IP


Once again, Shawn Chacon could only pitch five disappointing innings as he allowed the Marlins to score 3 runs. Yankee defense didn't help matters much, making three errors (which led to three unearned runs)! The Yankee bats were silent today; Jeter was the only Yankee with more then one hit.


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